Revitalizing Downtown; Brick City Concept

In my travels I have now visited every city in the United States, that is correct we have now visited every city in the United States over 10,000 population. One of the best concepts to revitalize Downtown areas and make them a magnet for the retailing and tourist consumer is the Brick City or Brick Town Concept. Many towns have done this by taking old factories and industrial areas adjacent the downtown areas, which have been closed and turn them into open places to meet and shop.

In OKC – Oklahoma City it has been done and they have built a huge ballpark adjacent, with boat rides, shopping and all types of eating establishments. In San Antonio it was done with a group of factory outlets and box stores. In Wichita KS, it has been done. There are places it could be done and should be done such as the old mill town of Auburn and Lewiston Maine. In Waterbury, CT they have taken a similar tact and actually rebuilt some of the area to match. Thanks to the leadership of Ron Norrick as many as 7 million people per year visit Brick City in OKC. Nearly as many as San Antonio’s famous river walk